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Why the New Glow on our Photo Booths Will Make You Look Younger!

In a continued effort to constantly improve and trail-blaze in the photo booth industry, we are happy to report a new improvement to our lighting!

Open Air Photo Booth with Custom Flash Diffuser

Pixster has always used the highest quality ring flashes to ensure excellent light quality and minimal shadows with every shot! Always looking to improve on a stellar product, we are constantly making sure that we are giving our clients exactly what they deserve by improving our quality and service. This brings us to our newest photo booth addition: Custom Flash Diffusers!

Exactly what is a flash diffuser you ask? A flash diffuser spreads the light from the flash of a camera. In effect, the light will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but rather will spread out, bounce from reflective ceilings and walls, thus getting rid of harsh light, and hard shadows.

The Pixster team has recently updated all of our photo booths to include a custom flash diffuser! Because our ring flashes are so powerful, without a diffuser, photos can sometimes get washed out. Harsh lighting does not make for flattering photos and we set out to do something about it.

Call us perfectionists, but after trying all of the diffusers on the market, we just weren't satisfied with the results. Since no product existed on the market that fit our high standards of quality, we decided to custom create the perfect diffuser to fit our purposes. Using the diffuser, our booths can create more natural lighting. The flash diffuser eliminates harsh shadows and disperses the light evenly so that everyone always looks flawless!

The power of a flash diffuser: everything and everyone just looks better! Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines, you will look younger with the diffuser’s ability to evenly distribute light! Colors and tones will look more vibrant and real! Now the question is… when do you want a photo booth at your next event?

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