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Open Air Photo Booth

Pixster Photo Booths is the premiere photo booth company in Arizona, California, Texas and Illinois.  We provide a first class experience to all of our customers and ensure that we go above and beyond to meet the needs of even the most discerning bride.  Through customizable packages, the most technologically advanced booths, low profile designs, professional staff, and transparent pricing we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product. 

Perhaps Pixster Photo Booth’s biggest advantage is that we value one thing, YOU!  Tell us what you want and we will go as far as humanly possible to make it happen.  Compare us and you’ll see how far we stand out!

This year we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We are blown away looking back at all of our accomplishments over the past 5 years. Pixster has serviced over 6000 events, taken over 3 million photos and had over 800 thousand people use our booth. The numbers just keep increasing and we’re so proud of our team who has help make Pixster what it is today.

Pixster Photobooth LLC

Serving All of Arizona

T: 1-888- 668-5524

Award-Winning Service and Photo Booths

Pixster has won over 30 awards of outstanding achievement!

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Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rental

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