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Photo Booth Props
Props included in
most rentals!
Standard Party Props

Most of our rentals include an assortment of 40+ fun party props.

40 pieces including:

-Mustaches and Stick Props

-Assorted Hats

-Brick and 90' Phones

-Party Sunglasses

-Chalkboard Signs

-Lawn Flamingo

-Trend Items

-Feather Boas

-Flower Crowns

-Unicorn Mask

-Feather Masks

-Assorted Masks

-Novelty Items

-Jumbo Sunglasses

-Assorted Headwear

12 - Assorted Headwear2
11.2 - Jumbo Sunglasses2
9 - Feather Masks
5 - Chalkboard Signs2
2 - Assorted Hats2
11 - Jumbo Sunglasses2
7 - Trendy Items2
6 - Boas2
10 -Novelty Items2
3 -  90's Phone2
4 - Party Sunglasses2
12-Assorted Headwear
9-Feather Masks
4-Party sunglasses
8-Rubber Masks
10-Novelty Items
5-Chalkboard signs
7-Trend Items
1-Mustaches and stick props
11-Jumbo Sunglasses_edited
Unicorn Mask Photobooth Prop

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Themed Party Props

If you are having a themed party, we have the props to match!

Starting at $50

Live Action Props

Included with the Pixster 360 Director and Producer packages

(available with any package for an additional charge)


-4 Bubble Guns

   -68oz of Bubble Solution

-2 Money Guns

    -150pc of faux money

-1/2lb of Gold Confetti

-1/2lb of Silver Confetti

Custom Props

Custom Props

Let us help create custom foam board props to match your theme or brand.

Starting at $150
Custom Props
Foam Board Props
Custom dog head cutouts

Photo Booth 

Photo Booth Props

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