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Mission Main Street Grant!

This blog is a little shorter, but it packs a lot of punch full of exciting news, which we have to share with you right now! Pixster Photo Booths is being considered for the Mission Main Street Grant from Chase Bank! And we would LOVE to use your support to be considered for this incredible opportunity.To receive a grant from Chase Bank would be an all-encompassing acheivement for our photo booth rental company. It would mean that we could meet our customers’ demands and increase our supplies and services to a bigger audience. It would also mean that we can focus more on our CSR mission and support other local businesses and charities around us.

At Pixster, we celebrate that fact that we’ve been voted the #1 photo booth rental company by San Diego’s A-List CityVoter, AND the only photo booth rental company to be listed on the San Diego Union Tribune’s “Best of” List. We’ve even solidified plans to open up a photo booth rental company in Austin, TX! (More to come on that news). We’ve come a long way in these last couple of years, but we’re not done yet! While we continually ensure that we WOW our brides, corporate clients, families, and all of our clients with our open air photo booths, we continually get asked if photo booths are really worth all the hype. Here are our three top reasons why photo booths are the biggest trend for events right now:

1. Memories. Let's face it, no matter how good your photographer or videographer is, the odds are they won't get a photo or shot of everyone who made it to your big day. Our photo booth is convenient, sleek, easy, and goes a long way in helping capture each guest. In addition, each client receives a USB disk in the mail with all the pictures taken throughout the night on it, so you can always look back and see the fun that you and your guests had.

2. Wedding Favors. Long gone are the days when guests cared about chachkies. Most likely, favors that are given out at weddings these days will end up, dust-covered, in a drawer or in the trash. We don’t want you to waste your money! Your guests’ photo strips, on the other hand, will be proudly displayed on your their fridges, desks, and memory boards. Don't get me started on the digital photos... guaranteed to be all over Insta, FB, and Twitter.

3. Entertainment. Whether our photo booths are keeping the kids occupied during toasts, long dinners, or cocktail hour, or it lowers the chance of Uncle Rick doing the worm on the dance floor, a photo booth provides guests with options. I am often asked, "Do you think a photo booth is a distraction?" NO! Here’s the thing, as much as you may love to go out and dance with your friends and family, no one can dance for three hours straight. An open air photo booth helps your dancing adverse guests get out of their seats and allows a break for the guests who love to shake it on the dance floor.

There you go. Our three reasons why photo booths really are worth the all the hype. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! Now we need YOUR help! Pixster Photo Booths is one of the many companies being considered for the Mission Main Street Grant and we need 250 votes to move on to the next round. It would mean so much to us if you took the two seconds to vote for Pixster, which you can do so here.

We’ve done some incredible things, and we’re on our way to bigger and better. Help us reach our goals by voting to Pixster Photo Booths.

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