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New Year, New Services!

We’re so excited for the new year and have been working hard in 2017 to bring you brand new services for 2018!

Our 180 GIF booth has been revamped. We have a 7 camera array that can take a GIF photo in bullet time! We love that it looks like a 3D photo and captures everyone from head to toe. Of course, our 180 GIF booth uses DSLR cameras and professional flashes. The user can upload their GIFs directly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and to their email. We also have the ability to give users access to the sill photos in HD quality as well as a printed image. We’re really proud of our 180 GIF booth and are excited for all of the future events we get to attend.

180 Degree GIF Photo Booth

Pixster has also added Green Screen backdrops! Can’t decide on just one backdrop? If you select our Green Screen, you can choose up to 4 different backdrop images. Guests will get to select which backdrop they want to strike a pose in front of! While this isn’t a brand new feature for Pixster, we’re so happy to provide Green Screen backdrops for our clients who have asked about it in the past!

Our final feature that we have added for 2018 is our smoothing filter. Does your event have that classic, glamourous feel? The smoothing filter is perfect for those who want a little something extra in their photos. We offer the classic black and white photos as well as color images. The smoothing filter pairs best with our timeless white backdrop and all we need from you is to strike a pose!

Photo Booth for Weddings

New Year, new team! We have recently opened our doors in Phoenix and are loving all of the fun events we get to be a part of. We service events in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and more! We’re excited to hit the ground running in Arizona!

In addition to our Phoenix office, our Austin office has now joined our Southern California family. We are so excited to have Austin join our Southwest Pixster team and can’t wait to expand to San Antonio and slowly take on the great state of Texas!

2018 is already starting off great and we’re thrilled to hit even more milestones this year!

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