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Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Holiday Parties

Photo booths have become all the rage lately, and although you are probably used to seeing them primarily at weddings, companies have begun to adopt them as an activity for holiday parties. According to Pixster Photo Booths, Orange County and San Diego’s largest photo booth rental company, December is historically their busiest month for photo booth rentals.

Companies are beginning to discover that a photo booth provides some great value added to a holiday party. First, the company is able to capture the party and doesn’t have to worry about who is going to be running around taking pictures. Second, they offer partygoers an activity besides standing around awkwardly trying to relate to co-workers. Third, there are some marketing benefits to renting a photo booth. If you rent a photo booth from Pixster, they offer social media integration. This allows users to email, Facebook, and tweet their photos on-site! In other words, everyone at the company party is telling all their friends what a great time they are having at the party.

Last year Pixster provided photo booths for 34 holiday parties and this year are projected to rent over 60 booths. According to owner Mclain Harvey, “We stay competitive by offering our corporate clients the level of service they expect from any of their vendors for their regular business functions. We are professional, experienced, price competitive, and offer services that other companies do not.” The company’s reviews on Yelp are stellar and all of their photo booth rental packages are priced aggressively. They even offer specific packages geared towards corporate events.

For companies looking for an idea for a company Christmas party, a photo booth rental may just be the answer you are looking for. Pixster’s Orange County photo booth rentals begin booking 2-3 months in advance. San Diego photo booth rental demand is not far behind. One of the advantages to renting a photo booth from Pixster is the variety of photo booths they provide. Their classic enclosed photo booth is very a very traditional arcade style photo booth that can fit 2-4 people in a photo. Their most popular style is their open-air photo booth. The open-air photo booth can fit up to 15 people in a photo which means the whole office can get in on the action. Examples of both the enclosed and open-air photo booths can be found on their website.


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