The Creative Option

Choose from our Open Air Photo Booth or Enclosed Booth styles
Goodbye point and shoot, hello high-def!  All of our booths are equiped with Canon T3i DSLR cameras
Ring Flash
We use only high-grade ring flashes to ensure excellent light quality and minimal shadows.
Viewing Monitor
Check yourself out before you press start in the photo booth viewing monitor.

Quality Images

Here are some examples of a few of our most recent set-ups.

Crisp Prints

Chic Designs

Dye-Sub Printers
We use nothing but the highest quality Dye-Sub printers. You can rest assured the prints will be crisp and last a lifetime!
Color Calibrated
All of our printers are calibrated with care to ensure bright vivid color on each print.
Test Prints
Our team does a test print for each event making sure your print is just right.
Low Profile
Both our Open-Air and Enclosed booths have low profile designs and use subtle colors to ensure they will fit in anywhere!
Made in CA
We like to keep things local, so all of our booths are crafted by local artisans in San Diego, California.
From Mac computers inside to iPads outside, our booths work in harmony.


The Booth

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Pixster photo booths is the premier photo booth rental company in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa.  Providing photo booth rentals for weddings, corporate events, and parties for any occasion.  High quality photobooth rentals that are affordable!  Photo Booth rentals in Arizona from Scottsdale to Phoenix.  Photo Booth rentals in Arizona from Mesa to Tucson.  Photo Booth rentals in all of  Phoenix.  

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Photo Booth Rental Scottsdale

Photo Booth Rental Scottsdale